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Take the stress out of gaming with these iconic stress balls inspired by The Legend of Zelda. Whatever adventure you're on, stay calm and collected even in the heat of battle and take out any pent up frustration on these palm sized stress balls. With four iconic designs from the classic games, pick either Link's shield, the Triforce, a health heart symbol or a green rupee. The Legend of Zelda stress balls are an officially licensed legend of Zelda product.


  • The Legend of Zelda Themed Stress Balls
  • Choose from Triforce, Links Shield, Green Rupee or Health Heart
  • Made from a hard squeezable foam - differing slightly from traditional stress balls
  • Stress balls measure between 6cm - 8cm in length
  • A great way to release the stress during gaming
  • An awesome retro gift for any Zelda gamer
  • 100% Official Nintendo Licensed The Legend of Zelda merchandise