Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates Full wave 8 (Space Cadet Raphael, Shredder (Silver Armor), Robotic Rocksteady & Genghis Frog) 7" Inch Scale Action Figures - Super7


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A robotic rhino, a punk frog, a space-bound turtle, and the return of the original Ninja Turtles bad guy! Super7’s latest wave of made-to-order 7” scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES! Figures take a giant step for Turtklekind with Robotic Rocksteady, Genghis Frog, Space Cadet Raphael, and a new version of Shredder, all with interchangeable heads & hands and a variety of accessories!

  • Genghis Frog:

    • 2x interchangeable heads 
      • 1x Neutral head 
      • 1x Tongue head
    • 6x interchangeable hands 
      • 2x Fists 
      • 2x Gripping hands 
      • 2x Weapon gripping hands
    • 1x Tongue gun 
    • 1x Boogie Board with leash 
    • 1x Bandolier with removable grenades 
    • 1x Sunglasses 
    • 1x Necklace

    Robot Rocksteady:

    • 8x Interchangeable hands 
      • 2x Gripping hands 
      • 2x Open hands 
    • 2x Fist hands 
      • 1x Chainsaw blade hand 
      • 1x Energy sword hand
    • 1x Wrist blaster 
    • 1x Cyber sewer shield 
    • 2x Shoulder pistols 
    • 2x Shoulder pistol muzzle flash effects

    Shredder (Silver Armor)

    • 2x interchangeable heads 
      • 1x Neutral head 
      • 1x Alternate silver head
    • 6x interchangeable hands 
      • 2x Gripping hands 
      • 2x Open hands 
      • 2x Fist hands 
    • 2x Interchangeable capes 
      • 1x Cape (plastic) 
      • 1x Cape (soft goods) 
    • 1x Katana sword
    • 2x Fist daggers 
    • 2x Throwing stars 
    • 1x Kama Sword 
    • 1x Mutagen cannister

    Space Cadet Raphael:

    • 2x Interchangeable heads 
      • 1x Space cadet head 
      • 1x Space trooper head
    • 8x Interchangeable hands 
      • 2x Open hands 
      • 2x Fists hands 
      • 2x Gripping hands 
      • 2x Trigger finger hands
    • 1x Space bubble helmet (removable)
    • 1x Alien
    • 1x Space goggles (removable)
    • 1x Pizza box
    • 1x Sword
    • 2x Energy Sai’s
    • 1x Space blaster with hose

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