Super Action Stuff! Cat with Knives Arcade Game On! Action Figure Accessories Set


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The Cats With Knives GAME ON! by Super Action Stuff is a set including over 29+ accessories compatible with 1:12 scale action figures. Held in a 1:12 scale Arcade machine with an LED backlight and 6x swappable film screens. Perfect for action figure photography with hilarious effects designed to add some fun toys and equipment for your action figure collection. Embrace the spirit of fun with various sports accessories, music accessories, tech toys, and various other fun accessories and action effects. (2x AAA Batteries, not included).

The "Cats With Knives" vaporwave space fighter arcade theme includes the following accessories:
- Arcade Machine
- Acoustic Guitar
- Folding Chair
- Adjustable Headphones
- Handheld Game system
- VR Headset with two controllers
- Computer Tablet
- Pair of Drumsticks
- DSRL Camera w/ detachable lens and detachable zoom lens
- Face Mask
- Face Respirator
- Popping Eyeballs Effect
- Coffee Mug
- Disposable Coffee Cup
- Spray paint Can with removable nozzle, and x2 alternate spray effects
- 2x Hockey Sticks
- Hockey Puck
- Dizzy effect
- Vomit effect
- Soccer ball
- Football
- Basketball
- Flame effect for sporting balls
- 2x pairs of Boxing Gloves

NOTE: Accessories are not adhesive. A sticky putty is recommended on your figures for a good "grip".
NOTE: Any action figures pictured are not included.