Ready for Battle Shield - Red/Black - IF-402259

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This Ready-For-Battle Shield is a flat, round-shield divided into black and red sections. The shield is divided diagonally into four sectors, two black and two red and rimmed around the edge with a soft steel-coloured band. The shield is worn through a reinforced foam and canvas brace securing a good and solid grip made to last. The Ready-For-battle Shield Redblack is a timeless and classic design making it a great choice for new players preparing to take his place in the world of fantastic adventures. Ready-For-Battle shield are quality gear with great durability at a great price making Ready-For-Battle weapons the natural choice for new players.


Strong latex coating on hard foam, that does not flex in combat
Made from durable closed cell foam that does not shred
High safety


Weight: 850 gram / 29.98 oz
Width: 115cm
Grip length: 33cm
Overall Size: 52cm
Colour: Red & Black
Foam and Latex Construction
Excellent Value