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It seems that our fears have come true. This wasn't some tall tale told by sailors to explain away their misfortune. No, this thing tore through an entire fleet. If it wasn't for the destruction washing up on shore this would have never been believed. Slash marks in the hulls of the ships practically splintering them. Large spines imbedded in the wood the size of javelins. The survivors couldn't keep their stories straight either. Such a mix of seeming eclectic information that couldn't possibly be from any creature we know of. Like whoever heard of a giant scaled winged monster attacking ships? This isn't some fantasy book. 


  • Incredibly detailed 11in statue.
  • Incudes sculpted base to show case the dragon's size and details.
  • Dragon comes with large attachable wings.
  • Figure is showcased in New McFarlane's Dragons window box packaging.
  • Collect all McFarlane's Dragons.