Legend of Zelda Cosplay Hylian Shield Link Tri Force Life Size

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A good hero needs a good shield, and what better protector than the shields used by the protectors of the realm? This Shield of the Legend recreates the overall look of the legendary Hylian shield, made famous by the popular Zelda series of games. This shield is impressively designed, having been crafted entirely in polyresin to ensure that it is not only light, but also rather accurate in its detailing, too. The shield features a blue field set in a silver-metal-colored frame, decorated with a golden-yellow triple triangle design (also known as the Triforce), while beneath the golden triangles is the crest of the royal family, depicted as a heraldic red bird with its wings opened. The shield features an arm strap and a handle on the back, allowing it to be easily handled and carried, making it a solid personal accent and prop to have when you don your green tunic and cap! The Shield of the Legend is an item that needs no introduction to the fans of the series, and now, you can grab a shield yourself, to hang on your wall or carry at your side whenever you like.


  • Zelda Shield
  • 21-1/2 Inches Tall X 17-1/2 Inches Wide
  • Back has Leather Hand grip & Hook & Loop arm straps
  • Back also has a chain fixed for hanging displays
  • Cast Polymer 1/4" thick, Hand Painted