Final Fantasy VII (7) Remake Play Arts - Kai No.1 Cloud Strife - Action Figure (Square Enix)

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Cloud, the hero of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, makes his appearance to the Play Arts KAI line! FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE reimagines one of the most popular titles in the FINAL FANTASY series.

The details of the materials and embellishments of his outfit, such as the textures on his belt and armor, have been meticulously reproduced. His delicate features have been molded to showcase a melancholic expression uniquely suited to Cloud, paying special attention to the paint application around his eyes. These details come together to make Play Arts KAI Cloud a sight to behold!
However, the quality of this figure does not end with its superior visual quality. The joints have a full range of motion, allowing Cloud to be displayed in a wide array of action poses.

Figure includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts.

  • Fully-painted and articulated PVC action figure
  • Package features:
  • Window box with flap
  • PLAY ARTS KAI Display Stand included in package
  • 【Cloud】W 92 mm ×D 42 mm × H 273 mm approx. Weight: 310 g
  • 【Buster Sword 】Length: 244 mm, blade part: 187 mm, thickness: 3 mm approx