DC Multiverse Batman by Todd McFarlane Sketch (Gold Label) 7" Inch Scale Action Figure - McFarlane Toys (Entertainment Earth Exclusive)

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Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Batman steps out of the shadows with monochromatic sketch-edition deco! Fully articulated, the DC Multiverse Batman by Todd McFarlane Sketch Edition Gold Label 7-Inch Action Figure - Entertainment Earth Exclusive measures approximately 7 1/4-inches tall. Batman comes equipped with 2 swords, 2 daggers, removable goggles, a batarang, and a grapnel launcher. Also included is an exclusive art card featuring a sketch of Batman designed by Todd McFarlane on one side and a numbered certificate of authenticity on the other. The 7-inch scale black-and-white Dark Knight is showcased in designer window-box packaging with an exclusive card stand and a Batman logo display base. He's limited to 6,800 pieces, so catch this Caped Crusader while you can! Ages 12 and up.

In the 1980s, Todd McFarlane began drawing Batman professionally, working on the classic storyline Batman: Year Two in Detective Comics and creating iconic artwork, including his dynamic cover for Batman #423. Todd went on to become a titan in the comic book industry, but he's always had an affinity for Batman, stating, "I've always liked the fact that Batman has no superpowers. When it comes down to it, he's just a dude in a costume. Conceivably, if you pushed him off a roof (batarangs, etc. aside), he could potentially die, unlike Superman."


                        • Todd McFarlane's Dark Knight design steps out of the shadows!
                        • Limited edition Entertainment Earth Exclusive action figure with sketch deco!
                        • Equipped with goggles, batarang, grapnel launcher, daggers, and more!
                        • Line-art card with numbered certificate of authenticity included.