Bleach - 43" Urahara Kisuke Zanpakuto Style Sword

Bleach - 43" Urahara Kisuke Zanpakuto Style Sword

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Kisuke Urahara owns the Urahara Shop.  He was a captain of the 12th Division of the Gotei 13.  He also founded the Shinigami Research Institute and was the first president – succeeded by Mayuri Kurotsuchi. 
Kisuke's Benihime in its shikai has a widened blade and its hilt is curved with a crimson ribbon for decoration. Featuring a thick, two tone silver and black stainless steel blade, this is a matchless sword.  Its hilt is distinct and wrapped with black cord while it is accented with gold menuki and a brass guard that features a red cord tied around it.  A pagoda-shaped finial with red tassel decorates the end of the hilt as well.  With its high quality construction, this sword is sure to please any collector.


  • Overall Length:  43”
  • Blade Length:  29”
  • Handle Length:  13”
  • Comes with Black Scabbard!

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