Vikings - Sword of Kings

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The Vikings Sword of Kings is a top notch replica from the popular History channel TV show. This collectible sword is a relic held by the reigning Viking king during the time of protagonist Ragnar Lothbrok. The age and origins of the Norse sword are unknown, but it is a treasured symbol of Viking power. The hilt is adorned with yellow, orange, ruby, and pearl faux gems for an ornate look. The stainless steel blade has a mirror polish and is etched with Viking runes that translate to Sword of Kings. The pommel and guard are crafted from cast zinc. This decorative sword comes with a wooden plaque for hanging.

In the show, King Horik plotted to exterminate Earl Ragnar and his entire bloodline so there would be no one to rise against him. Floki played the part of the betrayer, but in the end he stood with his friend to stop and defeat Horik. Now Ragnar has become the great Viking leader, championing his people with the Sword of Kings at his side.


Overall Length: 39.5 Inches
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Blade: Stainless steel
Features mirror polish and Viking runes
Pommel and guard are adorned with faux gems
Comes with a wooden plaque