Vikings Style Weapons of Floki Axes

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Floki is a genius shipbuilder and he designs and builds the prototype of the new generation of Viking ships which can sail across the open ocean but also up the shallowest of rivers. Without Floki, Ragnar would have never been able to fulfil his dreams of discovering new lands and new civilizations. Floki’s choice of weapons are an extension of his craft: the axe and adze.  These are the tools he uses while constructing his boats and both are with him during battle, as well.

Our Weapons of Floki set features solid ash wood handles, stainless steel axe and adze heads and comes complete with a wall display plaque.


  • Overall Length 18"
  • Axe Head Length 6-1/2"
  • Axe Blade Length 5"
  • Axe Weight 2 lbs / 8 oz
  • Set of 2 Axes
  • Wooden Plaque Included

Please note: Under current UK laws you must be 18 or over to purchase this item.
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