Thor Hammer Foam 'Mjölnir' Mjolnir

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A life sized Thor Hammer! In Norse mythology, the name of the hammer is Mjölnir. Ideal prop / collectors item for all Thor fans.

This foam Mjolnir Thor's Hammer design is great for use in cosplay at anime or gaming events though also provides a safer and softer toy for kids than traditional plastic swords, with a painted design to look more lifelike these are a good way to complete a costume.


  • Material: Foam
  • Handle Length: 264mm (10.39 Inches)
  • Hammer Length: 245mm (9.65 Inches)
  • Hammer Width: 233mm (9.17 Inches)
  • Hammer Depth: 241mm (9.49 Inches)
  • Overall Length: 410mm (16.14 Inches)