The Nightmare Before Christmas Ultimates Oogie Boogie 7" Inch Scale Action Figure - Super7


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Oogie Boogie loves to find creative ways to instill terror in those around him! This 7” scale Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas ULTIMATES! figure of Oogie Boogie includes a bat and features multiple interchangeable heads, hands, and rupturing bug-infested arm. Just do us all a favor and keep him away from Santa Claus when you add this made-to-order wave of ULTIMATES! figures from Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas to your collection!

  • 3x interchangeable heads 
    • 1x Neutral head 
    • 1x Bug head 
    • 1x Snake head
  • 4x interchangeable hands 
    • 2x Neutral hands 
    • 1x Dice hand 
    • 1x Bug hand and forearm
  • 1x Bat