The Kurgan Sword From Highlander

The Kurgan Sword From Highlander

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The Kurgan Sword From The Movie Highlander - Authentic Replica

This massive two-handed sword is a fully authentic replica from the popular Highlander movies and television series. Though the Kurgan's true name was never revealed, his tribe, The Kurgans, were known for their heartless cruelty. He is an immortal and the arch enemy of Connor MacLeod. This sword has been one of the most recognised pieces in the Highlander weapons collection. The wrapped grip is surrounded by cast metal handle parts. There are retractable blade spikes. The massive blade offers a clean mirrored polished finish.

A superb sword and a must have for any Highlander fan


  • Movie accurate
  • Retracting blade spikes
  • High Quality Construction
  • Overall length: 49.5"
  • Main blade length: 36"
  • Blade material: 420 stainless steel

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