Sword Art Online Yuuki Konno's Foam Sword (Black)

Sword Art Online Yuuki Konno's Foam Sword (Black)

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The famous Yuuki Konno Sword replica was featured in the popular Anime and Manga series and has been a high demanding item. Yuuki Konno is a character that was introduced in the first season of SAO. She was an artificial intelligence that had in-depth knowledge of the virtual reality world but didn’t know her real identity. Soon, Kirito and Asuna found her and took her in their team. Slowly, the AI progressed and learned a lot about interaction (deep learning, machine learning and all that Geek Stuff). In the later seasons, she got this sword and became an active member in the team and dueled with many tougher opponents and won. She even surpassed the skills and reaction time of Kirito himself.


  • 100cm long / 39 Inches
  • Incredibly Detailed Appearance
  • Made from High Quality Latex
  • Very Safe to Use
  • Comic Con Safe