Super Action Stuff!! The Cursed Crate Action Figure Accessories


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The Cursed Crate by Super Action Stuff is a set including over 22 accessories compatible with 1:12 scale action figures. This set includes a sci-fi styled crate with removable lid, numerous gory translucent green blood effects, and a pair of gold colored boxing gloves. Bloody green effects come in all shapes and sizes including an alien heart and brain, exit wounds, impact effects, different splashes, and a green splashing vomiting effect.

Perfect for action figure photography with translucent green blood effects designed to add some bloody effects with your green-blooded characters. Increase the brutality of your action figure displays, and bring some green blood to your aliens, orcs, goblins, monsters, mutants, green shape-shifters, hulking beasts, reptiles, and other creatures in your collection.

Accessories are not adhesive. A sticky putty is recommended on your figures for a good "grip".

The Cursed Crate includes:
- Set of boxing gloves
- Heart with dripping blood
- Bloody brain
- Slash effect
- Large dripping blood effects
- Small dripping blood effects
- Entry and exit bullet wound blood effect
- Bloody vomit effect
- Crate