Star Trek: The Next Generation Ultimates Captain Picard 7" Inch Scale Action Figure (Wave 2) - Super7


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Only Captain Jean-Luc Picard can wield a phaser or a fencing foil with equal skill while quoting both Shakespeare and Starfleet regulations! This 7" highly articulated Star Trek: The Next Generation ULTIMATES! Captain Picard figure features multiple interchangeable heads, hands, and a wealth of accessories including a fencing foil, a cup of Earl Gray tea, and a phaser. No need to set your phasers to “stun” as this made-to-order Star Trek: The Next Generation ULTIMATES! Captain Picard will be such a stunning addition to your collection, it will stop anyone in their tracks!

  • 2x Interchangeable Heads
    • 1x Neutral Head
    • 1x Smiling Head
  • 8x Interchangeable Hands
    • 2x Neutral hands
    • 1x Sword Grip right hand
    • 1x Phaser Grip right hand
    • 1x Saucer Hold right hand
    • 1x “Make it so” Pointer right hand
    • 1x Book Grip left hand
    • 1x Tea Cup Grip left hand
  • 1x Shakespeare Book (The Globe Illustrated)
  • 1x Phaser
  • 1x Fencing Foil
  • 1x Teacup
  • 1x Tea Saucer