Saber Shogun Stunt Light Saber - Lightsaber / Sword (Red)

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Inspired by Star Wars, these high impact Saber's feature extremely durable fittings and components that are made for impact, now you can really feel the force. The polycarbon BALLISTIC tube can bend almost up to 80 degrees.

You can fight with friends, you can buy your son or daughter that toy that wont break at the end of the day, you can finally pay for quality.

Each sabre is comprised of a CNC machined handle. A high-power LED and a super-tough polycarbonate tube and are fully battle ready! These sabres are also known as “stunt sabres”.

The light Swords are available in Red, Green or Blue and each light sword has a 1 year warranty. 3 x AAA batteries and a 2mm Allen key (Hex key) are included with each sword.

The “blade” - which is a polycarbonate tube – can be removed from the handle. Which is shown in the images.


  • Handle: CNC Aluminium
  • Blade: Poly Carbon Ballistic Tube
  • Handle Length: 10½”
  • Blade Length: 36”
  • Handle Diameter: 32.7mm
  • Blade Diameter: 24.7mm
  • Battery: 3 x AAA’s (included)
  • Power Button Back-lit (3 second hold)
  • The tube can withstand nearly 80 degrees of bend without breaking!