Plunderlong Cursed Cayo 1:12 Scale Action Figure

Lone Coconut

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Cursed Cayo was once just an unlucky Plunderlong who washed ashore on a desert island. Desperate, he learned to spear fish and eat just about anthing that swam by the island. One fateful day he caught and devoured a strange lobster. Unknowingly, he had consumed LANGO THE EVERLIVING CRUSTACEAN. It passed its mystical inability to die of natural causes to Cayo. Uncountable years passed and Cayo perfected his spear hunting, even able to strike a single seagull out of the sky from miles away. Eventually, Cayo was discovered and now Plunderfolk come to train under his unrivaled polearm technique, although many speculate he has gone mad from sunstroke.

They'll plunder your toys! The Plunderlong are ready to set sail across the seas to plunder your toy shelf!

Take a little bit of monster, a little bit of pirate, mix it together with heaps if infectious charm, and you've got yourself a Plunderlong! These greedy adorable pirates travel from island to island, looking for treasure and mischief. At 1:12 scale, these high quality figures measure roughly 5-inches tall and have over 25 points of articulation, making posing them a snap.

An original figure line, Plunderlings, Plunderlong, and Plunderstrong are a new concept of fantasy creature. Inspired by the culture and history of the Caribbean, these fully articulated figure bring a little bit of island living to you in a fresh, fun, and imaginative way, as well as sitting comfortably with the rest of your action figure collection.

The Plunderlong Cursed Cayo 1:12 Scale Action Figure includes:

  • 3x Alternate Heads w/ Magnets
  • 2x Alternate Pairs of Hands
  • 1x Seashell Helmet
  • 1x Walking Stick
  • 1x Lobster Claw Spear