PDP Gears of War 5 - Crimson Lancer MK3 - Prop Replica Weapon

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Taking down the Swarm and Locust Horde requires a powerful weapon, and when you pull out the Crimson Lancer MK3 from your inventory, the enemy will flee in terror. This new 1:1 lifesize prop replica weapon is more than a fancy mantel piece. Each one includes a DLC code for a matching in-game weapon skin. Make your friends jealous inside and outside of the game with this striking machine of mayhem. This special edition Lancer includes lights and sound effects that can be seen on the gun during use in the game. It also includes adjustable levers, triggers, and switches for an authentic cosplay experience. Need more ammo? Open up the hinged chamber for simulated reloading, then peek through the scope to accurately take out the competition. This replica is a must-have for Gears collectors and cosplayers alike. Accurately modelled from in-game design files.


  • 1:1 Scale Replica Lancer
  • Officially Licensed by Microsoft Studios / The Coalition
  • Includes Crimson Lancer DLC Skin for Gears of War 5
  • Authentic Lights and Sounds
  • Hinged release mechanism for ammunition cartridge
  • Authentic chainsaw bayonet and Lancer SFX
  • Adjustable levers, triggers and switches
  • 4 AA Batteries for operation (not included)
  • New Lancer Design
  • Updated Buttstock
  • Updated Scope
  • Accurately modelled from in-game design files