Overwatch Jesse Mccree Style Foam 11" Handgun

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McCree is a Damage hero in Overwatch. He is capable of killing almost anyone he gets up close to with blinding speed by stunning them with a Flashbang and unloading his Peacekeeper into them. The accurate hitscan nature of his primary weapon also makes him suitable for fighting mobile targets like Genji and Pharah at medium range.

This handgun is full replica of Jesse Mccree's weapon from Overwatch. It's made of eco-friendly PU foam and hand painted.


  • Size: 11" x 6.7" (28cm x 17cm)
  • Weight:120g
  • Crafted from polyurethane foam materials
  • Made through an injection molding process
  • Reinforced with a fiberglass core
  • Hand-painted finish
  • Perfect for Cosplay, Fancy dress, Roleplay & more!