Link Breath of the Wild Foam Bow - Legend of Zelda

Link Breath of the Wild Foam Bow - Legend of Zelda

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Link could really use a break. He might be the hardest working guy in Hyrule. Every few years, the kingdom gets itself all twisted up with some kind of trouble involving Ganon. Then, Princess Zelda comes banging on Link’s door requesting that he go collect some magical items so he can save the world again. It’s really a lot of pressure to put on a guy. Maybe you could give him a hand by getting out there and defeating a few Moblins with this Breath of the Wild Bow.

This toy bow, which is inspired by the one wielded by Link in the Switch video game, is a great accessory for anyone trying to cosplay as the classic Nintendo character. Whether you use it to battle against Ganon and his army of baddies, or you just want the perfect addition to your costume, this accessory should fit the bill quite nicely.


  • Bow measures 26" long
  • Material: EVA Foam