Ghostbusters – Employee Welcome Kit

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Welcome to Ghostbusters Inc., the leading company in research and professional elimination of paranormal entities founded in 1984 by Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler and Dr. Raymond

The Ghostbusters Employee Welcome Kit contains everything a rookie agent needs to get started in the art of ghost busting. You’ll become a part of one of the world’s most exclusive companies dedicated to protecting the welfare and safety of the community

When they ask, “Who are you gonna call,” will you be ready to answer?


  • Equipment Manual & Protocols * 
  • Ectoplasm container **
  • Employee Welcome Kit plaque
  • Ghostbusters certificate A.P.
  • Ghostbusters Embroidered logo patch
  • Ghostbusters Embroidered Rookie patch
  • Ecto-1 routes map (New York)
  • Ghostbusters pen
  • Invoice template
  • Property protected sticker
  • Business card
  • Ghostbusters flyer

* This manual has 136 pages
** Slime not included