Game Of Thrones - Arya's Catspaw Style 13.4" Inch Foam Dagger - Cosplay - Comic Con Safe

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The epic tale told in A Game of Thrones is one of constant deceit, machinations, double-crossing, and back-stabbing.  Of course, sometimes those are front-stabbings.  And, occasionally, failed-stabbings.  But, one attempted attack would practically set the countryside on fire! 

It all comes down to who really owned the blade held by the assassin after Bran, after all.  An intricate and unique dagger and an assassin who hardly knew the details of what was going on.  Such a mysterious clue to the great game!


  • EVA foam Construction
  • Foam sword has fibreglass rigid core
  • Total length 13.4" Inches / 34cm
  • Suitable for Cosplay, Fancy dress or display