FILIX TOYS - 1:12 Scale The Clown Action Figure


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Normal head sculpt x 1

Smiling head sculpt x 1
Purple coat x 1
Stripe pants x 1
Pair of socks x 1
Green vest x 1
Pattern shirt x 1
Grenades sheath x 1
Pattern Tie x 1
Custom action body x 1
Pair of shoes x 1
Shoe with knife x 1
Glock 17 pistol x 1
Revolver x 1
Shotgun x 1
Submachine gun x 1
Pocket knife x 1
Butterfly knife x 1
Pipe x 1
Grenades x 5
Detonator x 1
Joker cards x 3
Pairs of glove hands x 5
Pair of normal hands x 1

PRE ORDER BONUS – Detailed Clown mask x 1

Please note: This is a pre-order item and is due for release January-March 2023 with orders being shipped within 24 hours of arrival.
(Dates can change due to delays in manufacturing, however we shall keep you updated if there are any changes in dates.)

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