Buffy the Vampire Slayer Full Scale Foam Scythe Replica Prop suitable for Larp, Cosplay, Fancy Dress

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This beautiful weapon from comes from origins that Giles and Willow do not know of in the Buffy series, yet this scythe gives Buffy a sense of great power.

'A weapon... a scythe. Forged in secrecy for one... Buffy looks on in awe at the blade imbedded in the rock and, to her surprise, she is able to pull the weapon forth. As beautiful as it is deadly, the weapon poses a number of questions for Giles and Willow, who can find no mention of its origins and only know that it instills Buffy with a sense of great power.'

The Slayer's Scythe has been made based of the replica of Joss Wheadon's personal souvenir prop scythe as reference. It is 37" long and weighs 11 pounds. The blade is cast from latex-free foam with a blood-red coating, and the ostrich skin style handle wrap and the wooden stake, are all accurate to the prop. This is one of the most highly prized Buffy Collectable of all. The Slayer's Scythe will make the most awesome gift imaginable for any fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

The Slayer's Scythe will be the centerpiece of your prop replica collection. Aside from being a fabulous collector piece and magnificent gift.


  • Approved for LARP Use
  • Ideal for LARP, Cosplay, Theatrical Plays, Movie Props or as a Practice Weapon
  • Extremely Well Balanced
  • Incredibly Detailed Appearance
  • Made from High Quality Composite Foam
  • Fibre Glass Core for Strength
  • Construction Ensures Very Safe Play

  • Total length: 94cm
  • Weight: approx. 670g
  • Blade length: 37cm
  • Blade width: 2.5cm
  • Grip length: 45cm
  • Handle circumference: 11cm
  • Fiberglass core for strength
  • Latex-free upholstery for LARP & Cosplay