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Battletoads Anthology Series: Directly from the screen of the iconic video games, the new Battletoads Anthology Series Action figures from Premium DNA have arrived! These first of their kind figures are TRUE TO GAME SCALE and include in-scale accessories and attachments to recreate the insane world of Battletoads!

Premium DNA utilizes the industry's foremost design talent to create detailed sculpts with exquisite paint apps and seamless articulation. Every Premium DNA action figure is a work of art and bound to be the pinnacle of any collection!

General Slaughter: Not known for his wits, the Dark Queen's bovine enforcer, General Slaughter, loves to charge head first into battle... literally. This absolutely monstrous End Boss figure towers over his foes at a whopping 18" tall, with 32 points of articulation! Figure includes 2 sets of hands, and 3 swappable heads: neutral, battle-damaged, and post-level screen versions!

General Vermin: Guarding the entrance to the Dark Queen's space cruiser, General Vermin stands ready for action! This MASSIVE End Boss figure stands 12" tall and features 31 points of articulation. Figure includes 3 heads: with eye patch, without eye patch, and "in pain" expression. Also includes 2 sets of hands and whip accessory!

Porka Pig: Build the battling swine forces of the Dark Queen with Porka Pig! Perfect for army building, the Premium DNA Porka Pig action figure stands just over 6" tall and features 31 points of articulation, with a separately molded singlet for maximum range of motion!

Rash: Rash is the most outgoing and coolest of the Battletoads. Don't believe it? Just ask him! Rash stands just under 6" tall and features 30 points of articulation for ultimate posing. Removable armbands and utility belt allow you to choose your favorite look for Rash. Other accessories include: removable sunglasses, 3 sets of hands, and 3 interchangeable kicking attachments--a giant spiked mace, giant boot with spiked sole, and giant axe!

Rat Bones: The undead rodents have risen to wreak havoc on the Battletoads! Rat Bones stands approximately 7" tall and features 42 points of articulation with real bone texture detailing! Figure includes 3 different colored shields to build the perfect army!

Zitz: Hopping into battle is Zitz! The smartest of all the Battletoads, this amphibian comes ready for action with brawn to match his brains. Standing just over 6" tall, Zitz features 30 points of articulation for ultimate posing. Figure includes 3 sets of hands, giant drill, mechanical plow, and giant fist attachments for recreating the one of a kind action of Battletoads!

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