Anime Sasuke Kusanagi Foam Grass Cutter Sword with Wooden Sheath

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This is actually Sasuke Kusanagi's sword from the world famous Japanese Anime series in durable polyurethane foam. The blade has been shaped just like a traditional katana with a black finish. The foam handle is white with a blade strip and red design in the center and featured on both sides. This particular sword is seen in the Cursed Seal Level 2 Form. Virtually nothing can stop this blade with a strong 10mm inner core when it sought its target. Acquire your very own Grass Cutter just like Sasuke of the Uchiha clan. Join in on mock battles to gain power and avenging Sasuke’s clan with the new Anime Sasuke Kusanagi Foam Grass Cutter Sword.


Overall Length: 37.63 Inches
Overall Width: 1.63 Inches
Handle Length: 9.75 Inches
Handle Thickness: 1 Inch
Blade Length: 27.88 Inches
Blade Thickness: .63 Inches
Sword material: Polyurethane Foam
Sheath material: Wood

Inner Core: 10mm