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Get a bird’s eye view of the multiverse with the new Rooftop Pop-Up Diorama. This modern architecture masterpiece offers a new way for your figure photography to explore the city. The rooftop provides multiple angles for any crime fighter to watch over the city they have sworn to protect. Take your action figure photography to the rooftops, and recreate epic battles that are too intense for the streets. The Rooftop Pop-Up Diorama is the only place to capture the city night life in breathtaking fashion.


  • Create the ultimate environment for your action figures
  • Add in multiple Building Pop-Ups for an even bigger setup

What's in the box:

  •  Two (2) 20” wide x 20” deep x 6.5" tall panels (Right out of box easy assembly)
  •  Four (4) 15" wide x 15" tall panels (Right out of box easy assembly)
  •  One (1) rooftop (Right out of box easy assembly)
  •  One (1) 3D skylight
  •  Two (2) 3D vents
  •  Two (2) 3D wall air conditioners
  •  One (1) air conditioner
  •  One (1) rooftop door


  • 1/12 - This product is to scale to all 6-7" action figures.