12'' Master Sword Dagger with Scabbard the Legend of Zelda Wedding Cake Knife

12'' Master Sword Dagger with Scabbard the Legend of Zelda Wedding Cake Knife

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The Zelda master sword is also known as the sword of time. It is seen in all of the games of Zelda series. The Zelda master sword is a major part of the story of the main character, Link. Link uses his sword, not only to defeat the evil but also for utility. For example, to solve puzzles, to open doorways and to aid him in his journey. The sword is double edged and has a blue hilt.

The master sword condemns those that are related to evil. It has unique powers for example; the sword cannot be harmed by physical damage. The sword can be used by Link to unleash a mighty beam to wallop his enemies. The master sword also provides protection to its user, for example the user cannot be cursed, transformed or be affected by evil auras as along as he holds the sword. The Master Sword is also used by Link to remove different magical barriers along his journey, even when normal weapons or items are ineffective against these barriers. Other than that, the master sword is also effective against most kind of enemies, specifically Ganon, General Onox and Demise.

The Master sword is the reason behind Links powers and ability. It is a truly magical sword. Now you can bring that magic home with this amazing replica of the Master sword. This sword is an exact replica in every way and detail. The blade has the triforce symbol etched on both sides and is made of high carbon steel with a strong half tang. The handle is finished in blue and gold to give it an accurate appeal. More over the sword comes with a amazingly detailed scabbard. The scabbard has antiqued metal fittings at the top and bottom, and the gold trim is textured which makes it stand out like it has a magic ability. Hang it at your home or office for a complete link fan service.


  • 7" Blade Length
  • 5" Handle Length 
  • Great Design 
  • Blue and Silver Sheath 
  • 440 Stainless steel blade
  • Great for a gift or collection

Please note: Under current UK laws you must be 18 or over to purchase this item.
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