Lord of the Rings Sting Dagger / Sword The Hobbit

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Without a doubt the tiniest of the three legendary swords, Sting was originally crafted as a dagger alongside Orcrist and Glamdring. Just as its siblings, it glows blue in the presence of orc and goblin. Lost in the Fall of Gondolin, Sting was missing for millennia. Finally, it was found in the cave of three trolls and taken by Bilbo Baggins.

Sting earned its name from the way it was wielded by Bilbo against the spiders of Mirkwood Forest. They said that Bilbo himself had stung many of them with it. Thankfully, Bilbo was saved by Sting when confronted by Gollum, who was afraid of anything made by elves. Near the end of his journey, Bilbo gifted Sting to Frodo, who took it on his great journey.

A belt clip is built into part of the decorative sheath on the reverse. 


  • Overall Length: 20.1 Inches (510mm)
  • Blade: 12.4 Inches (315mm)
  • Handle: 7.7 Inches (195mm)
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Built with Solid Metal Hilt Parts
  • Supplied with Decorative Sheath with Belt Clip

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